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25mm x 150mm Siberian Larch Cladding

Product Code: 1011
25mm x 150mm Siberian Larch Cladding

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Pressure Treated Green, KD, fin size 19 x 97, Tongued and Grooved




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Product Description

Timber cladding made from Siberian Larch is a popular choice because it has several qualities that make it an excellent construction material. Grown in the rich forests of Russia, the trees are repeatedly exposed to hot summers and cold winters. As they mature, this cycle of hot and cold toughens the timber giving it a robust quality that is unequaled by any other softwood.

MCG Timber’s Siberian Larch Cladding has all the benefits you would expect from a high quality Siberian Larch product, but thanks to our direct links to the sawmill industry, we are able to keep our prices low and pass the savings onto you.

Why should I choose MCG Timber’s Siberian Larch Cladding:

  1. Siberian Larch is the world’s most durable softwood.
  2. Although not as strong as a hardwoods like oak, Siberian Larch is still remarkably solid and able to withstand significant weight loads.
  3. Thanks to its incredible density, Siberian Larch has a high resistance to moisture – even withstanding constant contact with water.
  4. The solid nature of the timber fibres makes this wood an excellent insulator. In cold weather it accumulates heat and in the summer it doesn’t. This means that any building that is trimmed in Siberian Larch Cladding will gain a ‘breathable’ quality, resulting in a much more pleasant climate inside.
  5. This solid and durable characteristic of the wood also makes it highly resistant to fire. In fact, Siberian Larch is twice as fireproof as pine timber.
  6. Kiln-dried to reduce twisting and splitting.
  7. Its natural golden brown colour is very pleasing to the eye and will compliment almost any building design.
  8. The grain and annular rings of the wood are truly beautiful to look at.



  • Made from Siberian Larch wood.
  • Kiln Dried.
  • Tongue and Groove design for easy installation.
  • Length: 0,  3.3,  3.6,  3.9,  4.2,  4.5,  4.8,  5.1,  5.4,  5.7,  6.0
  • FSC Certified.
  • Quick Delivery.


Installation Guide

MCG Timber’s Siberian Larch Cladding can be attached to your chosen structure either horizontally or vertically in a simple and straightforward manner.

If applying the boards horizontally, begin at the base of the structure and work upwards with the “tongued” edge of the boards at the top and the “grooved” edge facing downwards. This will allow water to run off and safely away from the walls of the building.

For vertical application, start at one edge of the surface and position the grooved edge of a board flush against this edge. Use caulk and flashing (where appropriate) to seal up the edges where the gap between the cladding and wall is exposed.

We recommend fixing our Siberian Larch Cladding onto a skeleton frame of beams. This will provide a sturdy structure for the cladding to rest on, as well as allowing water to drain away more freely and for air to better circulate.

Boards should be securely nailed to battens, framing members, or to blocking between framing members. Please avoid nails with smaller heads as they can pull through softwoods such as these. Flat-headed stainless steel annular or “ring shank” nails are the best choice for fixing the cladding by hand. You can also use hidden fastening clamps.

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Tongued and Grooved




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25 x 150

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