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32mm x 125mm Loglap Softwood Timber Cladding

Product Code: 1015
32mm x 125mm Loglap Softwood Timber Cladding

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Pressure Treated Green, KD, fin size 28 x 122, Tongued and Grooved




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Product Description

Buildings that are externally trimmed in our Loglap Softwood Cladding take on the appearance of a traditional log cabin – giving it a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. These wooden panels have a curved outer surface and a flat inner surface making them easy to attach to any existing structure. Thinner profiled panels look best on sheds and summer houses, whilst thicker profiles work better on larger areas such as house facades.

Our quality softwood cladding will protect your timber structure from the decay caused by penetrating wind and rain. Made from responsibly sourced Pine and Spruce, MCG Timber’s Loglap Softwood Cladding is kiln-dried to increase its durability and to preserve the character of its grain. The long-lasting robustness of our cladding means it can endure the extreme conditions of the British weather.

Why should I choose MCG Timber’s Loglap Softwood Cladding:

  1. Sourced from pine forests in Northern Europe, the wood has a pleasant smell that will surround whatever building type you are applying the cladding to.
  2. Our softwoods are full of character and visual appeal. You’ll find their golden brown colour, grain and annual growth rings breathtakingly beautiful.
  3. A low level of natural moisture gives strength and durability against the elements.
  4. Strong and sturdy, but also lighter than many other woods. Pine timber has a low net weight, meaning your battens and fastenings will not be overloaded.
  5. These naturally dense timbers are shielded against fungus, mould and other organic growths.
  6. Kiln-dried to reduce twisting and splitting.
  7. We already mentioned the pleasing smell of our pine and spruce cladding, but an added bonus is that whilst it is a lovely natural smell to humans, insects find it very unpleasant and will be driven away from the area.
  8. Pine and Spruce timbers are natural materials, meaning they do not come with the same health concerns that artificial and man-made materials do. A house that is trimmed in these environmentally-friendly woods will breathe more easily and so will you and your family.
  9. All our timber cladding meets strict FSC Certification standards and is produced from wood with a moisture content of 12-16%.
  10. Cut into a variety of widths and lengths, our Loglap Softwood Cladding is so simple to work with that you can install it by yourself easily.



  • Made from Spruce and Pine wood.
  • Pressure treated green cladding.
  • Kiln Dried.
  • Tongue and Groove design for easy installation.
  • Length: 0, 3.3, 3.6, 3.9, 4.2, 4.5, 4.8, 5.1, 5.4, 5.7, 6.0
  • FSC Certified.
  • Quick Delivery.


Installation Guide

MCG Timber’s Loglap Softwood Cladding can be attached to your chosen structure either horizontally or vertically in a simple and straightforward manner.

If applying the boards horizontally, begin at the base of the structure and work upwards with the “tongued” edge of the boards at the top and the “grooved” edge facing downwards. This will allow water to run off and safely away from the walls of the building.

For vertical application, start at one edge of the surface and position the grooved edge of a board flush against this edge. Use caulk and flashing (where appropriate) to seal up the edges where the gap between the cladding and wall is exposed.

Do not install cladding so that it is in direct contact with either the roof or the ground. We recommend having at least 400mm separation between the cladding and the ground.

We highly recommend our customers use battens to slightly separate the cladding from the wall. This will allow water to drain away more freely and for air to better circulate.

Please avoid nails with smaller heads as they can pull through softwoods such as these. Flat-headed stainless steel annular or “ring shank” nails are the best choice for fixing the cladding by hand. However, a nail gun will save you a lot of time and energy.

Finally, if you wish to achieve a “hidden” or “secret nail” effect, do not nail through the tongued edge or grooved flaps of the cladding boards as this may result in splitting. It can be possible to fit a nail just below the tongue if your chosen boards have a deep enough groove/overhang – meaning the nail will covered by the next board above it.

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32 x 125

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