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Stormy Clear Cut

We take very seriously the responsible harvesting, processing and distribution of our timber and do everything in our power to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

As ethical timber suppliers, we’re committed to environmental practices at all levels of our business – from harvesting to processing, importing to distributing across the UK.

We invest in technology upgrading that helps us reduce the industrial waste and recycle most of our waste.
Read about how seriously MCG Timber take the responsible harvesting, processing and distribution of its timber




We’ve worked hard to achieve recognition by the organisations concerned with promoting responsible timber including the:

•    Forestry Commission

We also invest large sums of money annually in technology upgrading that help us reducing the industrial waste. Plus we recycle much of our waste including the leftover woodchips that are used to make paper and the wood shavings of which our presswood pallets made.

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